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 © 2017 Anette Blæsbjerg Ørom, pictures and text, with the exception of quotations (Eske K. Mathiesen and Finn Skårderud)

Photos: Thomas Busk (, with the exception of:  … de klippede får and Markens skønhed (Torben Dragsby); detail from forest near Jyderup (Torben Heron); from installation in Zvartava Castle (India Flint); details from Trilogy and Metallic Day (Hans Petersen); Monte Albán, Kronborg Castle (Aslak Ransby); Portrait (Ulf Ørom)

Translation: Gaye Kynoch

August-September 2018 Dansk Gobelinkunst [Danish Tapestry], Rundetaarn [Round Tower], Copenhagen, DK
January-May 2019  Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum [Vendsyssel Art Museum], DK

Monte Albán is in the collection of Designmuseum Danmark [Danish Museum of Art & Design] (tapestry acquired in 2009)